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    Blake Livingood is a chiropractor and natural medicine practitioner in Cary, North Carolina. Livingood founded one of the world's largest natural health clinics in North Carolina and is now the founder of Livingood Daily. Aside from leading the Livingood Daily movement, Livingood is dedicated to raising awareness of how basic health solutions based on nutrition and lifestyle can help people achieve true health, and has written several books on the subject.

    Dr. Blake Livingood continues to empower millions of people who want to better their health with straightforward information and help them turn it into results, no matter where they reside, by leveraging technology, including his website, blog, and social media.


    Blake Livingood is devoted to his family, which includes his wife, Jessica, a former pediatric CICU nurse, and their three children. Nurse Livingood, as she is known online, frequently collaborates with her husband to educate people about the importance of excellent nutrition and lifestyle improvements. Despite his success in medicine and business, Livingood remains committed to his family and church, where he has been a regular giver and volunteer for many years.

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